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Welcome to our webpage! We hope you can learn about our services and gain an understanding of our approach and philosophy. Counseling and Wellness Services of Archbold is based in downtown Archbold, OH. We are a small private practice that provides mental health and addiction treatment to our community.

Our community and the strength of it is important to us! We believe that the stronger and healthier an individual is, the stronger our community is! 


At Counseling and Wellness Services of Archbold, we provide a welcoming, private space where you can safely explore struggles that are impacting you, your child, or your family. Life can be challenging, and there are times in which it is necessary to pause, reach out, reflect, and learn more effective ways to live. We are committed to helping you find healthier ways to live. We do this through a combination of listening, honoring your feelings and experience, and equipping you with problem solving and healthy coping skills.


Teresa Eicher

The therapeutic process starts by completing an assessment. An assessment is a 90-minute appointment in which you meet with a licensed, trained therapist and discuss areas of concern, your day-to-day functioning level, history of mental health and/or substance use, and your family and social history. Upon completion of the assessment, a diagnosis and treatment recommendations are made. Treatment recommendations are provided to guide you towards a path of healing and recovery.

We works with adults, children, and families by joining them to overcome the challenges and obstacles that can be brought on by mental health and addiction issues. Her goal is to work with the individual and family in determining the best course of action while utilizing therapeutic techniques that assist in the process of change. Teresa believes it is important that through the therapeutic process goals are created, the individual and family feels empowered, a sense of hope is instilled, and change occurs.


Throughout Teresa’s career she has specialized in serving individuals throughout the life span and families that have experienced issues such as trauma - many times coming in the form of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse; struggles with depression and anxiety – including self harm and suicidal thinking that impacts day to day functioning and happiness; family or marital discord that leaves the union in jeopardy; and substance abuse and dependence. These are just a few of the areas in which she has experience in helping others and would embrace an opportunity of working with you.        

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